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Best Commercial Reception Desk

Best Commercial reception desk

It is being said that a First impression is the last impression!

When someone enters any workplace, the first thing they seek is a reception desk because it used to be a focal point and if the reception leaves a good impression on them, you can expect that the rest of the office will be according to that. If the commercial furniture is of poor quality, it will cause not a good impression on customers, and you cannot expect them to return.

The reception Desk should be eye cache enough to leave a good impression on the visitors for that companies use materials such as marble, wood, cement, steel, etc. If your reception desk is attempting then it will bestow the unique reference to your company and it will stick to your visitor’s mind!

Whether you just have started your office or you are old in the market now you have decided to modify your office we have to take your all worries! Because we have the best commercial reception desk, which will be the best and recommended choice for you.

Best Reception Desk

The list of the best commercial reception desks are:

  • DFS Reception Desk Shell.
  • NBF Signature Series Esquire Reception Desk.
  • Glasglow Reception Desk.
  • Esquire Glass Top Reception Desk.

1. DFS Reception Desk Shell

If you want to bestow the modern touch to your office then start with the modern and slick reception desk. This will be the best welcome to your visitors because it has a higher rating with a minimum of unsupportive reviews.

DFS Shell - Best reception desk

It has an amazing finishing which is making it even more perfect. Moreover, You can also put your logo into it because it is applicable but yes it cannot be customized that is why if you want to attach your logo then you have to do it yourself or you can take someone else assistance.

It is a rectangular shape and the design is known as a Desk Shell. The material which is utilized in it is plastic but it is heavy and sturdy as you can expect your reception desk to be. In addition, It is well constructed.

This desk shell design accommodates a 15″ monitor. You have to assemble it yourself, but it is not a game of one person that is why you must seek the assistance of someone else. In a nutshell, it is an essential piece of commercial furniture!


  • It is the modern and slick reception desk.
  • Logo can be applied to it.
  • It is heavy and sturdy.
  • This design can accommodate a 15” monitor.


  • It takes time to get assembled.

2. NBF Signature Series Esquire Reception Desk

Elegant and classy is what we can name it!

NBF Signature Series - Best reception desk

If you want to give your lobby a classic and modest look at the same time then this will be a perfect option for you! This is available in glass material which bestows it a modern look and it has a laminated finishing type. Its writing surface is durable and it has glass on the top which can also be a reason that it looks professional.

This is a stain-resistant laminate product that can resist all types of scratches, stains, and spills. As a result, if your office’s reception area is always crowded, it is without a doubt for you! It is available in 3 different colors thus you can choose the best which suits your office environment, style and color contrast.

It has a thick tempered glass on the top that is suspended by metal posts for a long-lasting and stylish design for the modern workplace. Moreover, it has 2 wire management departments which can aid to organize the cables so they can be clean because if the reception desk is well organized and clean so it puts a good and professional impression on the other persons.


  • You can get that in multiple colors.
  • It has a durable surface.
  • It has 2 wire management departments.


  • It is heavy to put together.

3. Glasglow Reception Desk

Crowded area requires best commercial furniture, because those companies or platforms always will seem busy.

Glasglow - Best reception desk

As the reception desk should be inviting then Glasglow I Reception Desk is the perfect choice for any business. It has a modern design with a clean, sleek look that is sure to impress. The desk is also very functional, with plenty of space where you can gather the different stuff.

It is a sleek and modern reception desk that would look great in any office. It has several features, including a wooden cabinet with a stainless steel accent in the front so you don’t have to worry about stains. It also has a frosted glass top, a Commercial-grade laminate work surface, and side panels.

It will look great in the reception area of any hotel, nail salon, spa, or restaurant. If that is your area of work, you should grab it and make your reception area an impressive to be remembered. Furthermore, This reception desk is sure to give your office a professional look, and also it will make your receptionist’s job a lot easier. The desk is a bit difficult to assemble but once it is assembled then there will be no difficulty. What else can someone expect?


  • It has different cabinets to store multiple items.
  • It is a modern reception desk.


  • You should keenly examine the direction because it can be mistaken.

4. Esquire Glass Top Reception Desk

The Esquire Glass Top Reception Desk is a beautiful and functional desk that is perfect for any office or business.

Esquire Glass Top - Best reception desk

Esquire Glass Top Reception Desk is the perfect way to add a touch of class and sophistication to your office space. Made with a tempered glass top and a sturdy metal frame, this desk is built to last. The sleek design and clear glass top make it the perfect addition to any modern office. Plus, the desk comes with a convenient storage shelf, so you can keep your office supplies organized and within reach.

The laminate construction is durable and the Mahogany finish is stunning. The silver accents and kick plates give the desk a touch of elegance. It has a 0.25″ thick glass top that appears to float atop the counter and is easy to keep clean. The two grommet holes in the desk top allow for easy wire management. In addition, The desk is ADA compliant and the reversible ADA height return makes it easy for all guests to utilize. The dimensions of the desk are 79″W x 63″ D x 41″H which are perfect dimensions for the best commercial furniture “Reception Desk”.


  • It is easy to clean.
  • It has two grommet holes in the desk.


  • It takes time to assemble.

In a Nutshell

As you were looking for the commercial furniture, that is why, In this article, we have listed the best commercial reception desks that you can use for your office. The above-listed reception desk will be the best if you are looking for an office that has a modern touch with a unique and sleek design. As a result, you should consider these reception desks to be the best for your office. If you have any queries then the contact page is available!